Summer bites

When it’s winter and it’s cold outside, the only food you can think of are hearty, home-cooked stews, creamy cakes and red wine. But when it’s summer and it’s nothing less than 30 degrees outside, all you want to devour are fresh fruits and colourful sorbets!

Summer Fresh Food Watermelons

Summer Fresh Food Three Berries

Summer Fresh Food Sorbet Flavours

Summer Fresh Food Pomegranates


Summer Fresh Food Mango Pudding

Summer Fresh Food Fruit Salad

Summer Fresh Food Figs

Summer Fresh Food Blueberry Smoothies

Summer Fresh Food Berries And Nuts

Summer Fresh Food Berries

Summer Fresh Food Berry Sorbet

Summer Fresh Food Ice Cream Block

Summer Fresh Food Rainbow Sorbet


Happy New Year 2013!

Like anybody else who celebrates the new year, this particular turn of time always reminds me of glitter, shimmer and sparkles. And then there are the beaches and the summer outdoor parties, because I live in Australia.

New Year 2013 Champagne

New Year 2013 Australian Summer Party

New Year 2013 Firework

New Year 2013 Fireworks

New Year 2013 Shimmering Skirt

New Year 2013 Sparkling Dress

New Year 2013 Shimmering Dress

New Year 2013 The OC New Year Kiss

New Year 2013 Macarons

New Year 2013 Glitter Eye

New Year 2013 Glitter Girl

New Year 2013 Kiss In The Crowd

New Year 2013 Australian New Year

New Year 2013 Outdoor Party

New Year 2013 Girly Party

New Year 2013 Outdoor Night Party