Inspiration Monday: Tennis Chic

I was very much inspired by a woman I saw at the Australian Open the other day. It wasn’t anything overtly special; it was just a very chic representation of the classic sporty style.

There’s something so effortlessly stylish about the combination of a smart silk scarf and a good pair of supportive sneakers. To add that classic touch, the crisp cotton shirt and aviator sunglasses complete the look.

Tennis Chic

Inspiration Monday: Chocolat

Chocolat is one of my favourite films of all time. A lot of things about it are so perfect – the theme, location and the costumes are such feasts for the eyes. The main character, Vianne Rocher is an endearing heroine and her wardrobe is – quite frankly – just as delicious as the chocolate recipes featured in the film.

Vianne Rocher